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There is a wide variety of free software available and in many cases these 'freebies' can easily take the place of high priced commercial software. All Freebie Software will highlight the best free products in dozens of popular categories. Just because software is offered to you at no charge does not mean that it can't meet or exceed the features or functionality of its 'for pay' siblings.

I first became interested in free software a few years ago when the trial security products on our new home computer were about to expire. I wondered if we could reach the same level of protection using only freeware. I began to search the internet and amazingly I found that there was free software available for download that in many cases proved even superior to the high priced products that were preinstalled on the computer. I then became fascinated with what other security software was available at no charge. From this exhaustive search was born This site has had thousands of visitors who now protect their computers with the freeware our site led them to.

I have had many email requests to add other types of free software to the existing site. Not wanting to stray from the security theme of that site, I  decided to create  Research for material has been ongoing for about a year with the choice of topics based primarily on products that I either needed or was just interested in. Our goal is to add at least one new class of free software to the site every week. I did the research and you get the time saving benefits. Each topic page will also contain helpful information and a variety of links to other sites that may help in you in your search for the best freeware.

Yes you can certainly search the internet yourself, but why would you bother to reproduce the results provided by the hundreds of hours of research we have already performed? We are adding content on a regular basis to keep our topic pages as current as possible. In fact finding more of the best free software is a challenge that we truly enjoy. We also get input and suggestions from our visitors and this feedback is very helpful! We must make one point very clear, the free software we feature is not some type of trial version or other marketing program. The software is just free, no strings, no gimmicks, no tricks- free means free!


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Free CD/DVD Burning and Ripping Software

Free Point of Sale Software

Many More Topics To Be Added Throughout 2012!
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Home Accounting Photo CD Burning POS Survey Software

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