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  Why use a "dumb" cash register when you can combine free Point of Sale (POS) software with an inexpensive PC based register and get so much more!

                   (Point of Sale- POS capable register)


With free point of sale software you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars by avoiding the purchase of expensive new software/hardware systems. All you need is a PC based or linked cash register/drawer system. There is no reason for the equipment to even be new. Many of the free POS software programs can be used with scanners, will track sales by item, cashier and much more! If you have a small business and are tired of dealing with refunds, credits, and sales reporting by hand then make the leap to the POS software age.  

The following free POS software products may be compatible with your current system or with new or used equipment that you obtain. (Verify suitability before attempting to use in your business!)



Regit Express  Works with a wide variety of POS equipment (or no POS equipment if you desire). A good system that will function well in a variety of retail settings. It is free because the vendor makes a profit if you sign up for credit card processing with one of their partners (not required). Works with Widows XP (SP2) / Vista and Windows 7


Dale Harris POS   Yes that is actually the name of this point of sale cash register program. A simple name for a complete software product. This free POS software can perform all of the common register functions, track up to 13,000 SKU's, monitor sales of up to 56 employees, and handle daily sales reporting. This program is DOS based so it will run on DOS or Windows based systems. There sometimes is an issue with DOS based programs with Windows XP visit here for more details.

RetailMAX    This is a free web based system from Fieldstone that is currently in beta testing. Contact them if you are interested.


POSGreen Lite   This free POS software is based on the same Fieldpine engine used in their premier versions, but available free without any time restrictions. There are some limitations such as the number of products tracked and no network support (single lane). Retired and no longer supported.


PetraLite   This software has true Point of Sale depth and is not time limited.  It is however restricted to single user mode.


FreePOS Version 4.95E   POS freeware specifically created for restaurant use. The most popular free solution in the US and Canada. Widely used because it works very well!


Copper Point POS   A great free solution from NCH Software.  They are offering this great software free hoping you will buy some of their other business software.






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